2023 Parade Theme: 'Music'

Over the years The Parade has benefited from Grant support from the Irish Government through it's Emigrant Support Programme (ESP), with £4,950 having been awarded to the 2023 Parade.


This year in addition, we are very pleased to announce that the ESP grant has been supported, with a further grant of £2,500 by Historic England Huddersfield High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) Cultural Programme, which is managed and supported by Kirklees Council, through a Consortium led by CHOL theatre.  The HSHAZ covers the St. George's Square Area, with the renovation of The George Hotel and Estate Buildings being its focus but also aims to raise awareness and revitalise the High Street, through its Cultural Programme t00.


The theme of the Cultural Programme this year is 'Music', tying in with the Kirklees Year of Music


In addition to Grant Funding, The Parade has been seeking sponsorship too and are very pleased to announce that:

  • HH Smith - the main contractor of Estate Buildings
  • AHR (Architects & Building Consultants)
  • W. Birch - the main contractor of The George Hotel 
  • BowmanRiley, Turner & Townsend, Mott Macdonald & Ramboll - consultants to the George Hotel

have collectively confirmed their support towards the Main Stage and PA, which is costing £5,000 this year.


Plus, Cllrs from the following the Kirklees Council Wards:

- Almondbury

- Ashbrow

- Dalton

- Crosland Moor & Netherton

- Lindley

- Newsome

have contributed to cover the Entertainment for the Parade, from the Members Local Projects Fund.


We are very grateful for the grant support, sponsorship and donations that The Parade has received which demonstrates the value of  joint working and the commitment to celebrating Culture with Economic benefits too.


Here's looking forward to saying Hi! to our Huddersfield St. Patrick's Day Parade Celebration and bringing  some Ceol agus Craic to The Square.


11.00am Mass – St. Patrick’s Church (Irish Dancers and Brother's Pearse GAA Youth Section)


12 noon Parade Celebration Starts, St. George’s Square

  • MC 'DJ Chris' hosting


12.00 -1.00pm: Traditional Irish Music Session (Aidan Kilroy and Friends)

12.30 - 12.45pm Huddersfield Irish Set Dancers


1.00pm - Parade Welcome

  • Welcome - (John Lambe - Parade Secretary)
  • Parade Blessing (Father Martin Kelly - Holy Reedemer Parish Priest)
  • Town Crier announces start of the Parade


THE PARADE (from the Station Steps down to the Main Stage at the bottom of The Square)


1:35pm Speeches

  • The Mayor of Kirklees - Cllr Masood Ahmed
  • Irish Embassy Attache - Ursula Cordial
  • Parade Chair - Tony Lambe


1:45 – 2.15pm Francis Cassidy School of Irish Dancers


2.15 - 2.45pm - Reach Perfroming Arts - 'Windrush' Carnival Performance 


2.00-2.30pm – Brothers Pearse Youth Section Gaelic football display (On The Square Apron)


2:45 - 3.15pm - Across the Moone - modern Irish Duo


3.15 to 4pm - Giants Causeway - Irish Rock Band


4.00pm Event Finish!



Irish Centre

DJ - playing Irish and Chart Tunes: 6.00 pm - 10.30 pm


St. Patrick’s Centre

Michael Bracken - 4.00 pm

The 21st PARADE - 1.00 - 1.45 pm: From the Station Steps to the bottom of The Square.

Parade Line-up:


  • The Main Banner
  • Flag Party: Irish Tricolour, Erin Go Bragh and Yorkshire Rose, 4 Province flags
  • Mna nha 'Eireann (women of Ireland)
  • Brothers Pearse GAA: Youth Section, Ladies, Men
  • Francis Cassidy School of Irish Dancing
  • Huddersfied Irish Set Dancers
  • Huddersfield Irish Centre Banner
  • St.Patrick's Catholic Centre
  • Molly Malone & The Turfman
  • Huddersfield Carnival (Reach Perfoming Arts)
  • Frumptarn Guggen Band
  • Brothers Pearse GAA / St. Josephs's Primary School (32 County Flags)



Hive Vegetarian & Vegan Community Cafe - Tea, Coffee & Cake! (adjacent to the Square across the road on John William Street) Open: 11.00am - 4.00pm

ft: Traditional Music Folk Group: Mutt & Quarry Folk Band -

playing a lively selected set of tunes and songs for the Craic! ft: (Fiddles/Guitars / Whistles /Bodhran / Melodian)



Tommy's Lounge - Cafe - on the corner of Station Street (just off the Square) will also be open during the Event too, serving their full menu of Butties & Treats! https://63296e1c61fdd.site123.me




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