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28.2.15 - Parade 2015 Line-up announced...

22.2.15 - A Big thanks to all our contributors...

The Huddersfield Saint Patrick's Day Parade Association welcomes you to our Website. The site was created in 2003 year for our 3rd Parade. It began as a small basic site but has now grown into an informative and intersting archive, which gives a good outline of the Parade and what it is all about. The site is updated throughout the year giving information on Events and any other surrounding issues.

The Parade has continued in its growth and popularity from its inception in 2001, each year striving to improve on the last, with the enthusiasm of both participants and spectators alike, ensuring it is a great success. It is generally agreed  it is a fantastic Parade with the efforts of all involved, being displayed through wonderful performance, making for an enjoyable Parade all round.

This year's Parade follows the now successful format used for former Parades, with once again visiting bands  and groups partaking. The Parade has managed to secure the services of The Birmingham Pipe & Drum Band and The Kilmyshall Set Dancers, Co. Wexford and we look forward to welcoming them both to Huddersfield.

Full Details of this years Parade can be found in the 2015 Parade Section.

The Parade is run on a completely voluntary basis and relys soley on the goodwill and committment of the committee and individuals for its organisation. Last years Parade cost approximately £18,000 and it is estimated that this years Parade will cost that again. Funding is secured from Grants, Donations, Sponsorship, Merchandise and Fundraising Events. The obtaining of Funds is a constant task for the Parade and it would like to thank all those involved for their  valued support to date. We would like to encourage all to maintain and add to this support in ensuring the Parade's continued success.

We do hope you enjoy using the site and the committee wishes you all the best, as we prepare for St.Patrick's Day 2015.Please note we welcome all suggestions, feedback, ideas and practical support, in order for us to keep providing a fantastic Parade!

Last updated: 28.2.15